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As an apartment owner, tenant or manager it is important to look after the property to maximise the value of your apartment.

Below are some common queries which may assist with maintaining your property.


Check and clean filters every 3-4 months and service annually by a qualified contractor.

If the unit won't turn on:

 -  Check if the remote control has batteries and the light button has not been accidentally turn off on the unit display.

 -  If different units are set to heat and cool at the same time,  it will result in an error code.  Set all indoor units to the same setting and then turn off and back on again to reset.


It is important to open your windows and doors frequently to allow natural air to circulate through the apartment.  Ensure you use exhaust fans when cooking and showering or when the dryer is in use. 


This will reduce the amount of moisture in the apartment and prevent condensation from building up inside the apartment.  


Over time, it is normal for minor hairline cracks to appear in the paint work on the walls and ceilings.


This can be caused by natural seasonal movement of the building or natural settlement.

This type of crack is aesthetic and not a structural defect and it is the owner’s responsibility to paint and patch. 


Where possible, try to position the shower head away from the door to prevent excess flooding of water around the door.  


Grout and silicone should be regularly cleaned to prevent mould and to maintain the waterproofing.


Regularly check and clean shower drain from debris.


Regularly clean and dry shower screen glass and hinges to remove water mineral deposit and contaminant build up from soaps, etc. 

Shower screen hinges can make a noise when operating if they are not cleaned.


Smells and pooling water from inside the floor waste drains called Floor Waste Gullies.  The water seen inside the drain is a water seal and prevents sewer gases from escaping the drains (same system as inside your toilet bowl).

If you notice a smell coming from your floor waste gully, it may have dried out if not regularly used or if you have been away.  Turn on all fixtures within that bathroom for at least 15 seconds and you should notice the smell will soon disappear.

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